Introducing The ZenDesk Support Applet

The ZenDesk Support Applet will integrate directly into your support website and generate a response to your customer’s support inquiry with relevant support articles based on the policies/rules you determine. The applet removes common and unwanted strings from the subject of the email and sends the remaining text of the subject to ZenDesk to query your support website for the articles that are related to the issue your customer is experiencing. Then the applet will compile the results from ZenDesk with the text that you have supplied and automatically send an email back to the customer to assist them in resolving their issue. This applet will only be sent out for the initial email and allows your customers to reach a second stage of more personalized support if the issue continues.

Things to consider when configuring your applet:

  • Your ‘Send Email Response From Email Address’ must be a valid email address from one of your validated domains.
  • The content of the email can be delivered in either HTML or plain text. If you choose to send a HTML response you will need to format the message with HTML tags and the ZenDesk articles will be inserted as an unorganized list.
  • When drafting your message you can use the @LINKS@ tag to insert the automatically generated articles into your message. If you do not specify a place for them to be inserted they will be added to the end of your message.
  • The inserted list of ZenDesk articles can include up to 15 support articles.
  • Using the ‘Regular Expression Filter for Matching Articles’ field you will be able to filter out articles that are too technical for a support request, such as sample code.
  •  If you select the ‘Remove Prefix From Start of Subject’ you will be able to send your customers an automated response that lets them know that there are no support articles related to their inquiry.
  • The ‘Send Response Even When No Articles Match’ field will allow you to remove text from the subject line of the email before replying to the customer. The program will not use wildcards, so the removed text will have to be an exact match.
  • The ‘Filter Articles With Forum IDs’ field is a comma separated field that allows you to specify particular forums that should be excluded from the results you generate for your customer’s support inquiry.

Once configured, the applet will start responding to requests immediately. This will rid your inbox of all those pesky support requests that you spend hours manually re-routing to the extensive knowledgebase that you already have stored in the cloud.

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