Fully Automate Your Email Support

At SMTP Logic, we use our own product to automate technical support. Every support email we respond to is fully tracked and processed by SMTP Logic. We leverage automated responses, keyword tracking and more. The end result? Unmatched productivity, full trackability and very satisfied customers. Here is how SMTP logic can be used to completely automate any support workflow.

Automated Support Responses:

When a customer opens a support request, our ZenDesk applet searches our support forum for relevant matches. Our applet automatically sends an email to the customer with suggested links (ex: “we’ve received your request – in the meantime, here are some suggested KB articles”). Customers not only know that we have received their request, they immediately receive useful recommendations. Over and over, we find that customers self-resolve issues after receiving a list of relevant ZenDesk KB articles. We estimate this has reduced our support workload by at least 25% and also increased general knowledge of our product.

Email Tracking and Reporting:

SMTP Logic tracks every email – including senders, recipients, subjects and more. Our message tracking capabilities make it easy to search for emails matching a keyword, date or sender. Our reporting capabilities let us understand how our support volume is fluctuating – with easy to understand charts and graphs. This type of reporting allows us to identify top consumers of support, for example ranking domain names by number of support requests. Keyword tracking allows us to determine frequent topics, issues, or sources of frustration. With this insight we are able to constantly improve our support procedures.

Response Standardization and Routing:

SMTP Logic allows us to standardize support responses. For example, our signature applet can add a standardized signature or disclaimer to all support responses. Our email routing capabilities allow engineers to send emails as self, but have their address replaced by a generic support alias (support@company.com). Similarly, responses can be automatically routed to the right team or individual by dynamically including the right recipient based on sender or subject.

Email Response SLA:

SMTP Logic includes an email response tracking applet designed to meet specific SLAs. For example, we can measure the amount of time it takes our support team to respond to support requests. We can measure the average and maximum response time on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. We can measure response time for a specific customer or support engineer. This ensures our support team remains accountable to customer expectations or specific SLAs. Add keyword tracking and we really get to know what type of interactions take place between our support team and our customers.

Tracking in Dynamics CRM:

SMTP Logic can track all email conversations in Microsoft Dynamics CRM without having to deploy and maintain an email router. As a result of the tracking process, our sales team has full visibility on what type of technical issues a customer has encountered when communicating with the customer. Users are automatically tracked in Dynamics CRM as contacts. Tracking users in Dynamics CRM makes it easy to later execute a marketing campaign or initiate a satisfaction survey.

In conclusion, SMTP Logic provides many ways to automate and enhance your support process.

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