No Email Server, No Problem!

So you own a domain but you don’t have an email server, what can you do?

With SMTP Logic you have several options

  1. You can redirect all incoming email for your domain to an existing email address (e.g.
  2. You can post all of your messages to an external backup such as Amazon S3 storage
  3. You can post all of your messages using REST to a custom online service

And after you perform one of these operations, you can drop the original message and simply not worry about it since it will be stored in a separate repository. Let’s explore each of these options.

Redirect Incoming Email

SMTP Logic contains a powerful ‘Redirect Email’ applet that can redirect email to any address that you specify. Using this applet, you can direct email sent to any email address on your domain to another email address.This means if you just want all email coming into your domain to be sent to your personal Gmail account, then you can setup this applet. For example, if you want your customers to send email to,, and but you want all email addressed to these mailboxes to be delivered to, then you can simply setup the redirect applet and voila, all email from your new domain is going to your Gmail account.  Simply setup a catch all policy (e.g. Subject matches ‘*’) and then associate the ‘Redirect Email’ applet with the following configuration:

Additionally, you can easily identify which emails have been forwarded to your Gmail inbox. To do this you can configure the ‘Change Email Subject’ applet to prepend the custom string with ‘Redirected from’ to all of the messages.

Archive to Amazon

You can use SMTP Logic to send email to Amazon S3 storage and read the messages from their servers, or save them to disk and load them in your favorite email reader. The files are stored as MIME on the Amazon S3 servers, so make sure you know that you can read them before you set this up.  For more information on how to setup an Amazon S3 archive, you can read our past blog post about simple email archiving –

Post Email Message over REST

If you have an automated application that you want to automatically receive any incoming email through a REST endpoint, then you can setup SMTP Logic to post your messages and then simply drop them (or redirect them somewhere else).  You will have to setup the ‘Post to REST Url’ applet and then update the code in your automated application to be able to receive our REST messages.  Please contact support for a full specification of what the REST HTTP POST message will look like.

With the email coming into your system as XML, it will be must easier to process and route appropriately.

One Final Note

After setting up the archiving or REST applets, you will want to also configure the ‘Drop Email’ applet on the catch all policy so that Non Delivery Reports (NDRs) are not generated from SMTP Logic back to the original sender.  You do not need to do this for the ‘Redirect Email’ applet because the original message is redirected to the new recipient, as opposed to the archiving and REST applets which leave the original message to be delivered to their proper mailbox.  Setting up the ‘Drop Email’ applet will ensure that the emails are deleted before we attempt to deliver them to your email server, which you do not have (or need!) anyway.

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