Applet of the Week: Replace Sender Applet

Easily provide a single point of contact for your entire support department by sending all support responses from the same email address with SMTP Logic.

Using the ‘Replace Sender Applet’ you can configure your entire team to send all of their communication with customers from the same support address. This is ideal in an environment where support is offered 24×7 and you are working with team members that span multiple shifts. During the configuration of your applet you can choose to modify the SMTP routing and header information to fit the communication needs of your organization.

To configure the applet you first need to set-up a policy that will intercept all of the outgoing mail from each email address:

Next you will need to configure the ‘Replace Sender Applet’ to replace all outgoing mail from with You can also make modifications to the header and SMTP routing information during applet configuration:

It’s as simple as that! Sign-up for a free SMTP Logic account today and start automating your organization’s communication.

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